Empire United Soccer Academy

2019/2020 Commitment Fee Policy- see handbook for further details

Prior to committing to a team, please be sure that you have read and understand the FEE SCHEDULE (Click here) and that you are aware of the time and financial commitment to the team and club. This is a year-long commitment; any requests for release from your financial and participation obligations must meet the requirements set forth in the fee schedule. If you have questions regarding the level of commitment, amount of travel, etc, please contact the Empire office, your new coach or DOC.


Upon your registration and commitment to an Empire  team, you will be required to pay the commitment fee which is applied to your yearly Empire fees. This commitment fee is non-refundable. To retain your offered team spot, pay the commitment fee to secure your offer. The commitment fee is the first installment of the posted payment plan.


Please be aware that if you are eligible for financial aid, it cannot be applied to your commitment fee. Financial aid applications can be obtained by contacting the Empire  office at 716-694-8877