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At Home Learning

Use these workouts below on the days that you would normally have training. On non-training days, feel free to repeat any exercises, drills, or other skill challenges. Download our weekly training log with even more resources and training ideas here: Empire United Training Log. Mark down whenever you are playing or completing workouts. Check back often for links to more online resources! 

Training Plans U8-U11 Training Plans U12-U18
Week 1 U8-U11 Week 1 U12-U14
Week 2 U8-U11 Week 2 U12-U14
Week 3 U8-U11 Week 3 U12-U14
Week 4 U8-U11 Week 4 U12-U14
Week 5 U8-U11 Week 5 U12-U14
Week 6 U8-U11 Week 6 U12-U18
Week 7 U8-U11 Week 7 U12-U18
Week 8 U8-U11 Week 8 U12-U14
Week 9 U8-U11 Week 9 U12-U14
Goalkeeper Training Videos
Goalkeeper Training Session 1
Goalkeeper Training Session 2
Goalkeeper Training Session 3
Strength and Conditioning Video
Intro to Strength & Conditioning

Zoom Training

Technical Training Technical Training Strength & Conditioning

Coach Dan Panaro

Coach Emily Belote

Coach Sean Leggio

Wednesdays @ 6 PM

Sundays @ 10 AM

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7PM

Meeting ID: 833 215 8086

Check your email or ask your coach for the password.

Meeting ID: 847 928 166

Meeting ID: 632 981 3372

Check your email or ask your coach for the password.

Trainings are open to and appropriate for all players. To increase the level of difficulty, increase your workrate and push yourself to perform each skill more quickly (while still focusing on technique). If you need to decrease the level of difficulty perform each skill more slowly until you can do them correctly, then slowly increase your speed. 






Class of 2020 College Commitments

Empire Boys Premier

Empire Boys Premier

Empire Girls Premier

Empire Girls Premier

Empire Futures House League

Empire Futures House League

About Us

About Us

Uniform Portal

Uniform Portal

Why Empire?

"We take a balanced approach to personal growth and soccer development and your child is our number one priority."

 Personal and Soccer Development

  • Commitment to each player’s goals and long term growth
  • A holistic approach to both character and soccer development
  • Programming designed specifically to create a positive, yet challenging learning environment


  • US Soccer Federation recognizes Empire United as the only Boys and Girls Development Academy Club in Western NY
  • US Soccer Scouts at every Academy Showcase match and most home and away league matches
  • Access to US Soccer Training Centers and Youth National Team Scouts
  • Access to the top Premier College Showcase Events in the U.S.
  • Exposure to hundreds of College Coaches at Premier and Academy Showcases
  • Coaches and Directors who are respected as player references by College Coaches and US Soccer Scouts

Coaching Staff

  • Mentors and role models; people of character who love teaching youth
  • Professionals who live and work and raise families in our community
  • 2 National Youth Coaches of the Year
  • 5 NYSWYSA Youth Coaches of the Year
  • USSF Licensed Staff including 5 “A”, 6 “B” and 9 “C”, 25 “D” license holders
  • Dedicated Goalkeeper Coaches


  • First class training and match venues
  • Empire United Field House
  • John Street Field
  • Nichols High School
  • Sportsplex
  • The Park School
  • KenDev Field Complex

Cost Transparency/Honesty

  • Non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to serve youth, not to make money
  • Tuition and uniform costs provided up front in writing
  • No hidden costs or add-ons later in the season
  • Scholarship opportunities for proven need


  • 450 College Soccer Players
  • 85 NYSWYSA State Championships
  • 4 USYSA Region 1 Championships
  • 2 US Club Soccer National Championships
  • 1 USYSA National Championship
  • 5 MLS Draft Picks
  • 3 Current MLS Players
  • 7 Youth National Team Members
  • 1 Youth National Team Captain
  • Nationwide recognition among college coaches

More Than Winning


 Empire United is announcing their 2019 summer soccer tryouts for teams that will participate during the 2019/2020 soccer season. While many organizations are focused on the development of their own teams, we focus on what is best for each player. We are a TRUE PLAYER DEVELOPMENT CLUB! We are always looking to provide players with the best opportunities for their own growth on our teams and beyond. In fact, since 2016, 12 of our players have gone on to pursue opportunities with Major League Soccer academies, and our former players are and have played on MLS, NWSL, and US Youth and Senior National Teams. We have won more state cup championships, than any other club since 2007 and have appeared and won in every level that we have competed in, including U.S. Development Academy, U.S.Y.S.A. Regional and National League Conferences, Region 1 tournaments and showcase tournaments, U.S. Club Soccer events, and New York State West leagues and tournament play.

 But don’t consider having your child play here because of our success.

 Consider our coaching excellence. Besides all of our coaches being professionally licensed coaches with both U.S.S.F and United Soccer Coaches Associations, Our coaches have also gone on to be named Coach of the Year by New York State West and the U.S. Youth Soccer Association and also have become Major League Soccer Academy coaches as well. They are local high school and college coaches, and most importantly they are coaches with roots in this region, and are dedicated to not only youth soccer, but dedicated to WNY and our surrounding communities.

 Consider our holistic approach that focuses on the whole child to ensure success on and off the field. Each child is a priority and we focus on what is right for each individual player. Our teams win because we focus on each individual for his or her entire youth soccer career. Here, each child can develop to his or her fullest potential. 

 Consider that we are the only club in Western NY recognized by U.S. Soccer which means all our players benefit from U.S. Soccer’s resources. As a result of this recognition and relationship, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for coaching, safety and sportsmanship.

 Consider our regional and national strength and presence. Our footprint extends from Southern Ontario all the way to Syracuse, Binghamton and Western Pennsylvania . The Empire United brand is recognized nationally by college programs of all levels including Top Division 1 schools, and our teams are accepted into top regional and National branded tournaments based on our club reputation of developing players and top level teams.  

 Consider we are a 501(c) non-for-profit and that EVERY dollar we bring in goes toward providing direct services to our athletes. We offer transparent pricing and there are no costly surprise add-on training sessions in order to make an “A” team. Our U12 and under teams receive street soccer games in the fall, seperate skill technical training, and functional training throughout the year. All of our U13 and up players receive fall and winter strength and conditioning training and yoga as part of their program. These programs are all included in your tuition and are not run as add on programs with additional cost.

 There is so much to consider when making a decision about where you will send your child to learn and grow. We invite you to come see the Empire United difference where we win, but pride ourselves about being MORE THAN WINNING.