Empire United Soccer Academy

Empire Training Centers (ETC's)

Empire Training Centers (ETC's)

Empire Training Centers will be held one time per month for players within Empire United, and will be held for players U9-U11.  ETC's allow our players to begin to build relationships and experience the level of players from within the different markets/citie of the Empire United club, including Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara, and Syracuse.

ETC's will be run by the Development Academy staff, allowing for the DA staff to work with the future of the club and provide some insight to players and families of the purpose, the level, and the philosophy of the Development Academy and Empire United.

Empire United has provided these cost free learning opportunities and play days for nearly 10 years now, and it continues to be a key part of the club's player development model and player identification processes.  In 2016-17, Empire United launched the 24 week Pre-Academy program for U12-U15 players, taking the ETC format to a more consistent model which allows more contact time with our DA staff and club Directors.  ETC's will now take on the integral role of allowing our club staff to work with the younger players in order to build the foundation in developing even more talented players for the future.

2016-17 Empire Training Center Schedule:

  • March 2017 - 06 Boys - TBD
  • April 2017 - TBD - 07/08 Boys - TBD
  • May 2017 - TBD - 06 Boys - TBD
  • June 2017 - TBD - 07/08 Boys - TBD